Personal data is administered by Fortem S.A. NIP (Tax Identification Number): 521379564, KRS (National Court Register): 0000696225 having its registered office in Warsaw  (02-959), Biedronki 66A, having the following email address:

The personal data is processed by GDF IT Consulting Sp. z o.o., NIP (Tax Identification Number): 1181514802, KRS (National Court Register): 0000095725 having its registered office in Warsaw (03-963), at Genewska 6, having the following email address:

Personal data is not profiled. The personal data is processed within the period necessary for the tendering and sales process and it is removed immediately after the processes have been completed. 

Personal data is not disclosed to any third parties except for the events regulated by separate laws, especially the Accounting Act and the Code of Commercial Companies. To exercise the right to access, correct and request to cease the processing of the personal data, contact the Information SecurityAdministrator at The person passing the personal data has the right to pledge a complaint to Supervisory Body. The owner of the data has the right to use out-of-court handling of the complaint and pursuing of claims. To do that the complaint needs to be made via the EU online ODRplatform available at

We care about personal data protection
1. Data is physically stored in TIER III* class server room in Warsaw.
2. Data is encryptedwith a pair of 2048 bit encrypting keys stored in two different physical locations.
3. Data stored as attachments, files associated with personal data are encryptedwith 2048 bit encrypting key
4. We keep recordsof every reading, modification and use of personal data.
5. Only authorized staff has access to the data
a. Login and strong password
b. A throw-away uniquecode.
6. We encrypt the connections to the server with personal data with a SSLcertificate.
7. No server administrator can see / has access to personal data.
8. Server infrastructure is protected by FortiGate equipment firewall, and Symantec firewall.
9. Personal Data is covered with Recovery Disaster Plan**.
10. Personal data is replicated online in real time in an encrypted form to a back-up serverwithout any key enabling data decryption.
11. Data decryption keys are stored in alternativelocations.


* TIER III, security level of physical server room: • CCTV surveillance system outside and inside of the premises • Zone access control system • Security guards inspecting the property 24/7 • Intrusion detection system with automatic notification system • Alternative power supply, power generators • More than ten independent symmetrical broadband internet connections • Fire system


** Set of procedures, process ensuring the continuity of the company.


ul. Biedronki 66A, 02-959 Warsaw

Entered into the register of enterprises kept by the District Court for the capital city of Warsaw, 13th Commercial Division of the District Court for Warsaw under KRS No. (National Court Register No.): 0000696225,

REGON (Statistical ID No.): 368353874, NIP No. (Tax ID No.): 5213795641, with a fully paid-up share capital of PLN 100,000.00.

Phone: +48 22 299 19 90 | E-mail:

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